After the Movie

Day 5. Went to the movies. The boyfriend desperately wanted Chik-Fil-A after. I tried to convince him to give me his credit card to take to Sephora while he was there, but that was a no go. I had to pick up a couple of things at Target, so I told him to drop me off and go get himself some food. He texted me on the way back to pick me up that he felt like he’d ‘food-cheated’ on me. Haha. Poor guy.

All in all, I’m fairly pleased at the fact that I was able to go to the mall, walk by the concessions, and not throw myself bodily at the machine dispensing the Diet Coke. Went to Target, stood in line for FOREVER at the Starbucks for an iced tea while staring at cookies and cake pops. Managed to convince the boyfriend that no, I didn’t want to get a burger, or go to Zorba’s for dinner. So, maybe I can do this for 30 days.

I miss beer, though.

There is one thing that’s tripping me up about the whole philosophy of this thing, though. We’re supposed to go 30 days, and yes, that’s supposed to break some habits, food addictions, etc. But how many people do this and get all misty eyed about what they’re missing, and go crazy after it’s done? Is it just a slide back to old habits after that? Is it better to cheat small and often (like, weekly)?

I guess I’ll see where it goes. I’m aware that I’m totally putting the cart before the horse right now. I just need to get through the 30 days first. Sigh. Just 25 more.


One thought on “After the Movie

  1. Congrats. 😀

    My first time around, I didn’t go hog wild after finishing. I lived Whole9 style until morning sickness prompted me to desist.

    This time around, I devoured all the tasty terribly things. I pretty quickly decided to start anew and give myself more than 30 days to let the habits really take form (again). Here’s hoping that’s what actually happens!

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