All Your Lemon Cake are Belong to ME

Almost forgot to post today. I’m trying to post every day, an accountability sort of thing, I guess. Made it through the weekend, yay! Today was kind of annoying. Went to a friend’s house to watch the final where I had water instead of snacks and sangria or beer. It was kind of a bummer, but whatever. Then I had to go to a bridal show with my sister. I didn’t really plan well enough, and was pretty hungry by the time I got stuck waiting right next to the cake place. I don’t even like sweets, but they had lemon cake. I fucking LOVE lemon cake. Especially since I can’t have any. I didn’t have any.

I know that one of the tenets of the Whole30 is that you don’t step on the scale until the end. Um, this is America. Also, I know what motivates me as a person. If I see results, I’ll keep at it. I know that you won’t necessarily lose weight, also your weight fluctuates a bunch throughout the day, etc., etc. Ehhhh… I’ve lost some weight. 

Anyway, yes, yes, I know, that is not why I should be doing the Whole30. I’ll probably keep doing what I’m doing.


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