1/3 of the Way There

Well, I made it through yesterday. It was a bit difficult. I’ve been sort of keeping myself out of the way of temptation for the most part, but that wasn’t really possible at the boyfriend’s house. Haha, he had bread and (stale) cookies there, which I wanted more than anything in the whole world. And his friend came over and drank a sixer of shitty beer, which also made me sort of jealous. Good beer would have made it worse though.

Otherwise, things are going according to plan. Have one more weekend to make it through with the boyfriend in town, then he’ll be gone for a couple of weeks. Hopefully that means I can just kind of hole up in my house and avoid people and non-compliant food.

Unfortunately, I may be starting a new (old) job in a couple of weeks. Not that I wouldn’t be happy to be employed, but already knowing so many people there is going to make it harder to decline lunch invites and the free food they pass around constantly. I feel like it will be entirely too difficult to eat out with all the no sugar/soy/etc. restrictions. I feel like even grilled chicken and steamed vegetables will be difficult, and I hate being that person who asks a bazillion questions when everyone’s trying to order and is pressed for time. Oh well.

20 more days to go.


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