Day 13

Have been oddly productive today. I don’t feel like I have tons of energy or anything, but I guess tasks don’t seem as daunting as normal? Not sure. Anyhow, another weekend down. Tomorrow makes two weeks proper. Almost halfway there. For now I’m going to pretend this fizzy water is a beer.


2 thoughts on “Day 13

  1. I am on day 2 of paleo. I feel a real lack of energy. Maybe bc I am used to running on caffeine and sugar… Does it get better? Easier. I am beginning to think I should have done this gradually.


    • Honestly, I think it’s easiest to do it full stop. Trying to gradually remove some things from your diet makes it too easy to just put it off completely, at least in my experience. And, yeah, the lack of energy is hell at first. Can you not do coffee on paleo? I wouldn’t have even tried it if they told me I couldn’t have coffee, haha.


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