Halfway There

After today, I’m halfway there! Pretty excited about that. I’ve gone from eating nearly every meal out to not dining out at all. No bread, no dairy, no sweeteners, no alcohol, no soy, no nitrates, etc. for 15 days. I don’t feel amazing or anything, but I feel pretty good. I’m down nearly 10 pounds, which is pretty fucking awesome. Now let’s just hope I can make it through the next 15 days.

I appreciate the lack of calorie counting in this method of eating. Before I decided to do this, I looked into how many calories I could safely cut from my diet to lose weight, and it ended up being about 500 after calculating my BMR. That would come out to about a pound a week. While this is a tried and true method of weight loss, it is really difficult to accomplish in reality, unless you’re eating lots of boxed meals with calorie counts already on them. I thought this article was an interesting take on why a lot of people have a hard time with calorie restriction. While I realize that at some point I’ll stop losing weight with this method, I feel like it’s been a good start to developing some better habits.

So, yeah, it’s all downhill from here.


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