Cookies and Trident

I have been crazy tired lately, and I can’t understand why. I’d been getting up pretty early (for me), but today I didn’t wake up until 8:30, and I went to bed around 11, which is earlier than normal. It was work to even stay up that late. Super strange.

Yesterday I took my sister and her matron of honor (and her kid) to look for wedding dresses. The MOH and her kid were hungry halfway through, so we went to the Wendy’s drive through. They ate their chicken nuggets and fries in my backseat. It was ok. It was harder to stay away from the cookies and candy bowls at the bridal shops, but I managed.

Oh, I did cheat a little bit, but on accident. I wasn’t thinking when MOH offered me a piece of gum (Trident- at least it didn’t have real sugar), and chewed it for a few seconds before I realized what I was doing and spit it out. Oops.

I brought them back to my place when we were done and offered them something to drink. MOH was surprised that I had Diet Coke in my house but don’t drink it. Also, I made my sister a vodka soda with the grapefruit fizzy water. She says it is indeed delicious. So, there’s that.

I have to go back to the store today. Blah. Whole Foods on a Sunday. Kill me. Then tomorrow a job interview and a contractor coming out. No fun. 

After today, only 10 more days to go! I think?


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