I Hate Titling These Things

I think it’s day 23? Man, only a week to go. That’s pretty awesome.

So, there’s definitely a correlation for me between making progress toward a weight goal and shopping and other sorts of body modification. In the last few weeks I seem to have channeled my… antidiscipline? toward my spending habits. New (expensive) shoes and sunglasses, a few cosmetics items. Had my hair dyed super light blonde, and I really am considering getting another tattoo when my bestie comes to visit next month. That last bit is pretty funny. I only have one tattoo that I got a few months ago, and I swore I’d never get another one- because that shit hurts like hell. I really want a tiny, tiny white one though. I’m nothing if not consistent. Wait, that’s not right.

Anyway, part of this, I’m sure, is the fact that over the last few months I’ve been very meticulous about my spending habits because of the whole not having a job thing. I’ve got some money coming in now, though, so I guess I loosened the reigns a bit on myself. I think the rest of it is trying to affect some sort of more visible change to go with the whole healthy eating thing. Whatever, shopping is fun.

One week to go!

(I haven’t checked this. If I’m wrong, I’m going to be so sad. Unless I’m wrong the right way.)


Am I Allowed to Like This?

Day 22, I think. Dinner is in the oven. I keep failing at making mayonnaise lately, which is weird, because the first couple times I did it, it worked out fine. Eh, whatever.

Oh, I’ve discovered something that may or may not be ok. Cherries, almonds, and coconut milk. It may be the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten. That begs the question, though… Can I still have it if I really REALLY like it? I mean, I’m supposed to be breaking food addictions, not substituting allowed foods for disallowed foods, etc. Is it ok to have a food addiction (or craving, whatever) to something that’s totally legal? Am I totally overthinking this?

8 days to go.

Cookies and Trident

I have been crazy tired lately, and I can’t understand why. I’d been getting up pretty early (for me), but today I didn’t wake up until 8:30, and I went to bed around 11, which is earlier than normal. It was work to even stay up that late. Super strange.

Yesterday I took my sister and her matron of honor (and her kid) to look for wedding dresses. The MOH and her kid were hungry halfway through, so we went to the Wendy’s drive through. They ate their chicken nuggets and fries in my backseat. It was ok. It was harder to stay away from the cookies and candy bowls at the bridal shops, but I managed.

Oh, I did cheat a little bit, but on accident. I wasn’t thinking when MOH offered me a piece of gum (Trident- at least it didn’t have real sugar), and chewed it for a few seconds before I realized what I was doing and spit it out. Oops.

I brought them back to my place when we were done and offered them something to drink. MOH was surprised that I had Diet Coke in my house but don’t drink it. Also, I made my sister a vodka soda with the grapefruit fizzy water. She says it is indeed delicious. So, there’s that.

I have to go back to the store today. Blah. Whole Foods on a Sunday. Kill me. Then tomorrow a job interview and a contractor coming out. No fun. 

After today, only 10 more days to go! I think?

Danger at the Boyfriend’s House

Almost forgot to post. I am so tired today. I fell asleep on the couch around 8 while I was watching a movie. Admittedly, it was a bad one, so it may not be all me.

Today was actually kind of difficult. Started off fine, but then I had to hang at the boyfriend’s for a minute¬†while he got his shit together so I could take him to the airport. Beer and raisin bread and day-old, has-been-sitting-out-all-night pizza were all screaming at me to ingest them. I really, really, REALLY wanted to. Bah. I didn’t.

I was mostly over it by the time I got home, but rather than finish making the chicken salad I’d started before I left, I decided it was best to have a giant salad (with some of the chicken) immediately. Apparently I was hungry.

Anyway, I’ve lost track of what day I’m on, pretty much. Seventeen? Eighteen? Who cares. the last day is marked on my calendar. Getting closer.

I’m so having pizza and beer when I’m done with this. Not all the time or anything, but it’s happening. Maybe I won’t like it anymore?


Success! Sort of..

Well, I’m so proud of me. A friend of mine is in town for one night only, and she wanted to go to dinner. So we went to a “gastropub”, not that impressive, but she wanted a beer, and they have tons there. Anyway, point being, I ate a salad (the beef and bacon probably had some noncompliant ingredients, but I removed everything non-whole30 that I could). I only drank water. I didn’t die.

Then we went shopping. Apparently, my self control does exist. It just has limits. Oops.