It’s the (Nearly) Final Countdown

I will totally reuse this title later. No shame.

Day 24. I have already made plans for beer and pizza next Thursday with a friend of mine. I am not playing around. I will eat and drink all the things. But, until then, and hopefully after, sticking with the plan. 

You know what’s really difficult when you’re trying to remove certain popular, easily accessible foods from your diet? TV and social networking. Mostly with TV, it’s a quick flash and it’s gone, so it’s not as tough. Navigating away from the foodporn pics on FB and IG requires actual willpower, though. What’s harder? Staring at something you can’t have or not even getting to stare at it? I haven’t quite sussed that one out yet.

Anyway, the countdown is on.


Danger at the Boyfriend’s House

Almost forgot to post. I am so tired today. I fell asleep on the couch around 8 while I was watching a movie. Admittedly, it was a bad one, so it may not be all me.

Today was actually kind of difficult. Started off fine, but then I had to hang at the boyfriend’s for a minute while he got his shit together so I could take him to the airport. Beer and raisin bread and day-old, has-been-sitting-out-all-night pizza were all screaming at me to ingest them. I really, really, REALLY wanted to. Bah. I didn’t.

I was mostly over it by the time I got home, but rather than finish making the chicken salad I’d started before I left, I decided it was best to have a giant salad (with some of the chicken) immediately. Apparently I was hungry.

Anyway, I’ve lost track of what day I’m on, pretty much. Seventeen? Eighteen? Who cares. the last day is marked on my calendar. Getting closer.

I’m so having pizza and beer when I’m done with this. Not all the time or anything, but it’s happening. Maybe I won’t like it anymore?


Success! Sort of..

Well, I’m so proud of me. A friend of mine is in town for one night only, and she wanted to go to dinner. So we went to a “gastropub”, not that impressive, but she wanted a beer, and they have tons there. Anyway, point being, I ate a salad (the beef and bacon probably had some noncompliant ingredients, but I removed everything non-whole30 that I could). I only drank water. I didn’t die.

Then we went shopping. Apparently, my self control does exist. It just has limits. Oops.

1/3 of the Way There

Well, I made it through yesterday. It was a bit difficult. I’ve been sort of keeping myself out of the way of temptation for the most part, but that wasn’t really possible at the boyfriend’s house. Haha, he had bread and (stale) cookies there, which I wanted more than anything in the whole world. And his friend came over and drank a sixer of shitty beer, which also made me sort of jealous. Good beer would have made it worse though.

Otherwise, things are going according to plan. Have one more weekend to make it through with the boyfriend in town, then he’ll be gone for a couple of weeks. Hopefully that means I can just kind of hole up in my house and avoid people and non-compliant food.

Unfortunately, I may be starting a new (old) job in a couple of weeks. Not that I wouldn’t be happy to be employed, but already knowing so many people there is going to make it harder to decline lunch invites and the free food they pass around constantly. I feel like it will be entirely too difficult to eat out with all the no sugar/soy/etc. restrictions. I feel like even grilled chicken and steamed vegetables will be difficult, and I hate being that person who asks a bazillion questions when everyone’s trying to order and is pressed for time. Oh well.

20 more days to go.

Excuse the Typos

Posting from my phone today, because the boyfriend wanted me to come and see him. Brought food with me for dinner and breakfast, and brought my coffee. Kind of worried that being in party-land will make it tougher to stick to the rules, but at least I’m prepared.
In other news, the scale went the wrong way this morning. Ah, the downsides of breaking the rules… Oh well.

All Your Lemon Cake are Belong to ME

Almost forgot to post today. I’m trying to post every day, an accountability sort of thing, I guess. Made it through the weekend, yay! Today was kind of annoying. Went to a friend’s house to watch the final where I had water instead of snacks and sangria or beer. It was kind of a bummer, but whatever. Then I had to go to a bridal show with my sister. I didn’t really plan well enough, and was pretty hungry by the time I got stuck waiting right next to the cake place. I don’t even like sweets, but they had lemon cake. I fucking LOVE lemon cake. Especially since I can’t have any. I didn’t have any.

I know that one of the tenets of the Whole30 is that you don’t step on the scale until the end. Um, this is America. Also, I know what motivates me as a person. If I see results, I’ll keep at it. I know that you won’t necessarily lose weight, also your weight fluctuates a bunch throughout the day, etc., etc. Ehhhh… I’ve lost some weight. 

Anyway, yes, yes, I know, that is not why I should be doing the Whole30. I’ll probably keep doing what I’m doing.