Two Steps Forward, One Step Back. Or Something.

Well, that was depressing.

Went to the doctor this afternoon. I haven’t been since April, which was shortly after I quit my job. Anyway, I just went in for a weight check to get refills on some meds. After 30 days of no grains, dairy, sugar, booze, and whatever else, I am UP 7.2 pounds. I kind of hate life right now.

There are some mitigating factors– my appointments used to always be in the mornings as opposed to afternoons, etc. Also, I guess I gained quite a bit more in the intervening months than I’d realized, and had to lose all of that. Sigh. Still super bummed though. 

I really, really, REALLY wanted to stop at the Sonic I passed and get a breakfast burrito. I mean, fuck it all. What’s the point? 

And– beware, more whining ahead– it’s not fair. It’s seriously just not fair. Why do I have to work so hard and be so careful for minimal results while there are tiny people out there who consistently litter my social media feeds with pictures of their pizza and ice cream? Waaaahhhh!

Ok, done now. Sorry. I have made progress, and I’m happy about that. I’m happy for my little reprieve tomorrow, too.



27 is Pretty Much 30, Right?

Three more days, after today. I’m pretty proud of myself. 

I do have some ’27 days is basically 30′ thoughts flitting around right now, though. I’m resisting. Partially because I’m lazy, and don’t feel like going out to get fun food. Also, partially, because I really want to be able to say that I did it for 30 days. And, I’m hoping to get to an even 15 pounds lost. We’ll see.

I read the reintroduction instructions on the Whole30 website today. They suggest reintroducing banned foods gradually, to be able to get a better handle on which are too difficult for your body to process. And, if I was doing this because of the way I felt previously, that would make sense. I didn’t really have any food allergies or intolerances. I just wanted to be generally healthier and eat better. I think that my plan going forward will be to eat as cleanly as possible mostly, and probably have a cheat day once a week. That’s pretty much the opposite of what they suggest. We’ll see how it goes.

Anyway, I feel like it’s a sustainable way to live, though it does require a lot of planning. I’m not sure I would have made it this long if I’d had a job. I think the time and mentally energy involved would have been more than I would have had to spare if I was working. I don’t know how people do this, have jobs, exercise, raise kids, maintain websites, etc. When do you people sleep? 

Planning Ahead, or, You Know, Not

Man, one of the biggest learning curves I’ve had to deal with on this thing is planning ahead. It’s funny, because I keep overestimating either what I’ve actually done, or how far what I’ve done will get me. Anyway, today was a bit rough. More dress shopping with the sister, and I was out of the house from 10 AM till about 3 PM. I’d had my last two cooked eggs for breakfast, but I hadn’t bothered to eat any fruit (I usually do). I’d brought some almonds with me, which I ate around lunch time. My mom kept whining about wanting to take us all to lunch as well, which didn’t make it easier to wait till I got home to have my salad. And since I hadn’t bothered to take any meat out of the freezer the day before and I’d eaten all my eggs, my salad didn’t have any protein. Wasn’t a huge deal, I ate the salad as a snack and made dinner a couple hours later (sweet potato hash with fried eggs– because all my meat is still frozen! [I pulled out some ground beef, finally]). Oh well, things to work on.

It’s day 26. I’m almost there.

It’s the (Nearly) Final Countdown

I will totally reuse this title later. No shame.

Day 24. I have already made plans for beer and pizza next Thursday with a friend of mine. I am not playing around. I will eat and drink all the things. But, until then, and hopefully after, sticking with the plan. 

You know what’s really difficult when you’re trying to remove certain popular, easily accessible foods from your diet? TV and social networking. Mostly with TV, it’s a quick flash and it’s gone, so it’s not as tough. Navigating away from the foodporn pics on FB and IG requires actual willpower, though. What’s harder? Staring at something you can’t have or not even getting to stare at it? I haven’t quite sussed that one out yet.

Anyway, the countdown is on.

I Hate Titling These Things

I think it’s day 23? Man, only a week to go. That’s pretty awesome.

So, there’s definitely a correlation for me between making progress toward a weight goal and shopping and other sorts of body modification. In the last few weeks I seem to have channeled my… antidiscipline? toward my spending habits. New (expensive) shoes and sunglasses, a few cosmetics items. Had my hair dyed super light blonde, and I really am considering getting another tattoo when my bestie comes to visit next month. That last bit is pretty funny. I only have one tattoo that I got a few months ago, and I swore I’d never get another one- because that shit hurts like hell. I really want a tiny, tiny white one though. I’m nothing if not consistent. Wait, that’s not right.

Anyway, part of this, I’m sure, is the fact that over the last few months I’ve been very meticulous about my spending habits because of the whole not having a job thing. I’ve got some money coming in now, though, so I guess I loosened the reigns a bit on myself. I think the rest of it is trying to affect some sort of more visible change to go with the whole healthy eating thing. Whatever, shopping is fun.

One week to go!

(I haven’t checked this. If I’m wrong, I’m going to be so sad. Unless I’m wrong the right way.)