It’s the (Nearly) Final Countdown

I will totally reuse this title later. No shame.

Day 24. I have already made plans for beer and pizza next Thursday with a friend of mine. I am not playing around. I will eat and drink all the things. But, until then, and hopefully after, sticking with the plan. 

You know what’s really difficult when you’re trying to remove certain popular, easily accessible foods from your diet? TV and social networking. Mostly with TV, it’s a quick flash and it’s gone, so it’s not as tough. Navigating away from the foodporn pics on FB and IG requires actual willpower, though. What’s harder? Staring at something you can’t have or not even getting to stare at it? I haven’t quite sussed that one out yet.

Anyway, the countdown is on.


Danger at the Boyfriend’s House

Almost forgot to post. I am so tired today. I fell asleep on the couch around 8 while I was watching a movie. Admittedly, it was a bad one, so it may not be all me.

Today was actually kind of difficult. Started off fine, but then I had to hang at the boyfriend’s for a minute¬†while he got his shit together so I could take him to the airport. Beer and raisin bread and day-old, has-been-sitting-out-all-night pizza were all screaming at me to ingest them. I really, really, REALLY wanted to. Bah. I didn’t.

I was mostly over it by the time I got home, but rather than finish making the chicken salad I’d started before I left, I decided it was best to have a giant salad (with some of the chicken) immediately. Apparently I was hungry.

Anyway, I’ve lost track of what day I’m on, pretty much. Seventeen? Eighteen? Who cares. the last day is marked on my calendar. Getting closer.

I’m so having pizza and beer when I’m done with this. Not all the time or anything, but it’s happening. Maybe I won’t like it anymore?