Planning Ahead, or, You Know, Not

Man, one of the biggest learning curves I’ve had to deal with on this thing is planning ahead. It’s funny, because I keep overestimating either what I’ve actually done, or how far what I’ve done will get me. Anyway, today was a bit rough. More dress shopping with the sister, and I was out of the house from 10 AM till about 3 PM. I’d had my last two cooked eggs for breakfast, but I hadn’t bothered to eat any fruit (I usually do). I’d brought some almonds with me, which I ate around lunch time. My mom kept whining about wanting to take us all to lunch as well, which didn’t make it easier to wait till I got home to have my salad. And since I hadn’t bothered to take any meat out of the freezer the day before and I’d eaten all my eggs, my salad didn’t have any protein. Wasn’t a huge deal, I ate the salad as a snack and made dinner a couple hours later (sweet potato hash with fried eggs– because all my meat is still frozen! [I pulled out some ground beef, finally]). Oh well, things to work on.

It’s day 26. I’m almost there.